Winning over anything has always been our habit. When we talk about certifications it’s just not about becoming functionally certified in Odoo but we also keep assessing our capabilities of process improvement. We kept on pushing our limits in almost every function of operations to achieve a well-defined & balanced…

Create and Manage Price List in Odoo

Odoo has an incredible price list highlight to help an estimating strategy for your business. Pricelist goes about as a spine for any variety of things to attend to productively.

It makes a bunch of costs for a particular gathering of purchasers, for a particular time frame period, or for…

What are the expected features of Odoo 15?

Greetings from Serpent Consulting Services!

Well, it’s time again and we are back with what new can be expected in Odoo 15.

Odoo releases a new version every year, and we should also expect the same in October this year. Odoo is growing much faster in small and medium-sized businesses.

Let us explore what we…

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